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AstroCATS 2016 is in the books, and it was AMAZING! Thank you to all our vendors and to all our visitors to this year’s show.

Below is a list of all the prizes and draws along with the winners where claimed. If a prize is unclaimed in the 90 days following AstroCATS 2016, it will be donated to the Hamilton RASC Outreach programPRIZES CAN BE PICKED UP AT 2266 LAKESHORE ROAD WEST – OAKVILLE, ONTARIO

Astro-Hutech, Idas LPS -v4-480mm filter package, 693626
Main Squence Software, Image Capture, 693396

Kendrick, Dew Controller, 693432
MallinCam, Sky Raider Dsc,693418
o’Telescope, BackYard EOS or Premium Edition, 693307
o’Telescope, BackYard EOS or Premium Edition, 693434
o’Telescope, BackYard EOS or Premium Edition,693260
o’Telescope, Red light flashlights, 693339
o’Telescope, Red light flashlights, 693264
o’Telescope, Red light flashlights, 693120
o’Telescope, Red light flashlights, 693545
o’Telescope, Red light flashlights, 693636
o’Telescope, Red light flashlights, 693030
o’Telescope, Red light flashlights, 693626
o’Telescope, Red light flashlights, 693383
DC-3 Dream, Pinpoint, 693030
Astro-Hutech, IDAS LPS 48mm filters Package, 693777
Astro-Hutech, IDAS LPS 48mm filters Package, 693648
Simulation Curriculation, Starry Night Pro 7,693319
Ontario Telescope, Gift certificate -$100, 693331
Kendrick, gift cert, 693322

Below is a list of claimed prizes, including our grand prize, a Celestron NexStar 8SE

Celestron, Nexstar 8SE, 4876 Tim Barns from Niagara Falls
Main Squence Software, Image Capture,693673 F Van Heerden
Main Squence Software, Image Capture, 693174 Shelley Jackson
Kendrick, USB 7 port Hub, 693722 Burt Rhebergen
Prism, Prism Pro, 693707 Burt Rhebergen
MallinCam, Sky Raider 2.3 plus, 693660 F Van Heerden
MallinCam, Sky Raider 2.3 plus,693552 Larry Rae
MallinCam, Sky Raider Dsc,693346 Colin Haig
MallinCam, MallinCam Sky Raider AG ,693037 Stan Runge
MallinCam, MallinCam Sky Raider AG, 693261 Mike Roffey
ADM, Mini Max, 693355 Colin Haig
ADM, VCB Dovetail, 693680 F Van Heerden
o’Telescope, BackYard EOS or Premium Edition,693548 Larry Rae
o’Telescope, BackYard EOS or Premium Edition,693802 Brendon Roy
Knightware, Deep Sky Planner, 693592 Bob Spec
Softwear Bisque, Sky X,  393132 Peter Jensen
Simulation Curriculum, Starry Night-Enthusiast, 693803 Brendon Roy
Simulation Curriculum, Starry Night-Enthusiast, 693748 Dave Newbury
Ontario Telescope, Celestron Power Seeker 70AZ, 693735 Bert
Astro-Physics, 10×60 mm Varial Finder,693630 Shelley Jackson
Simulation Curriculum, Starry Night Pro 7,693897 Anthony Davoli
Ontario Telescope, Gift Certificate $50.00, 693351 Colin Haig
Ontario Telescope, Gift Certificate $50.00, 693071 F Van Heerddon
First Durham, $50 GC-visa, 693095 – Joe Reda
MallinCam, MallinCam Jr Pro,693093 – Joe Reda

AstroCATS would like to thank the vendors who donated prizes that were auctioned off.

It was an amazing list of prizes that were available:
– Takahashi LE 50mm eyepiece
– Atik GP Color CCD
– Ontario Telescope 40mm Coranado
– Ontario Telescope 9 mm 100 degree
– Kendrick $100 gift certificate
– Mallincam Universe
– Mallincam Xterminator

AstroCATS is a 2-day event featuring the largest commercial display and sale of telescopes and related astronomical products held in Canada. The show takes place May 21 and 22 in London Ontario at the same time as the RASC General Assembly (GA).

The GA is a gathering of professional and amateur astronomers from across Canada, who come together to learn and share. The
joining of these two events provides attendees and astronomy related vendors an opportunity to experience both events at one time. The GA’s many excellent speakers, displays such as the Mars Rover, along with AstroCATS and its amazing vendors will make for an outstanding show for 2016. Excellent accommodations and door prizes make this a must see event!


2016 also will see the launch of Canadian Astro Photography Schools (CAPS), an eight hour Astrophotography school run over the course of two days. The school takes place on May 19 and 20, just prior to AstroCATS. Canada’s first Astrophotography school featuring world class award winning instructors, Chris Go, Ken Crawford, Warren Keller, Doug George, Richard Wright, and Ron Brecher.

Be sure to buy your tickets early, and join us for what may be the best Canadian Astronomy show ever.



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