RASC Hamilton Centre Presents

3rd Annual, June 2015

Saturday June 27 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Sunday June 28 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM


Ontario Science Centre

770 Don Mills Road

Toronto, ON M3C 1T3

Are You a Winner?

September 27th, 2015

Here are the winning numbers from ASTROcats 2015! Check them out!
If you have a winning ticket you need to contact Dave at: dave@astrocats.ca
with your name, address, and phone number. Dave will get in touch by email to help you collect your prize.
You must claim your prize before October 30th so don't delay!
Ticket Auction
Item # Ticket # Sponsor Item Description Value
29 5941367 MallinCam MallinCam Micro-Super CCD Camera (camera body only) $129.40
39 5941383 Tele Vue Tele Vue 1.25" 2X Barlow $120.00
10 5941532 CCTS Arcturus 50mw Green Laser Pointer $199.95
3 5941540 BackYardEOS BackYardEOS or BackYardNIKON (prium Ed.) $70.00
23 5941606 KW Telescope Pentax Monocular 8 x 42 $139.00
2 5941699 Atik Camera Filter wheel  ATK-MFW $187.50
17 5941806 Kendrick DigiFire 8 Dew Controller $245.00
45 5941807 Glatter Collimation 2 in. 650 nm Collimator $180.00
Item # Ticket # Sponsor Item Description Value
35 474004 MallinCam New MallinCam SkyRaider-DS  $882.34
14 474042 Durham Skies SkyWatcher 6" Traditional Dobsonian Telescope $400.00
37 745086 MallinCam SkyRaider-SLP 3.1 MP imager  $647.05
34 745128 MallinCam Limited Edition MCR-80ED 80 mm Refractor F/5.5  $764.69
21 940022 KW Telescope Vixen Sphinx SXW Mount w/Starbook Controller(With tripod) $1,899.00
41 940037 Telescopes Normand Fullum Certificate - Mirror coating of one mirror up to 20" $340.00
18 940062 Kendrick Standard Dual Channel Dew Controller $139.00
22 940158 KW Telescope Vixen SG2 1 x 42 Binoculars $373.75
44 940178 Prism America  Need to verify Certificate - Prism+  Pro version  $748.75
9 940181 BCS Astro Uniqball UBH 35 Ballhead $450.00
42 940208 Telescopes Normand Fullum Certificate - Mirror coating of one mirror up to 20" $340.00
33 940296 MallinCam MallinCam Jr PRO Valued at  $705.87
1 940314 Astro Hutech/BORG Gift Certificate for $500.00 $600.00
26 940328 MallinCam MallinCam Xterminator CCD Camera $2,058.81
12 940335 Celestron Celestron Cosmos 90GT WiFi Telescope $600.00
16 940538 Explore Scientific Explore Scientific 100 degree 20mm Waterproof Eyepiece $329.99
40 940711 Tele Vue Tele Vue 12 mm Nagler Type 4 $375.00
31 940737 MallinCam MallinCam Micro-Super CCD Camera (Full Kit) $200.00
25 940750 MallinCam VRC-6, 6" RC  Optical Tube $588.22
32 940862 MallinCam MallinCam Micro-Super CCD Camera (Full Kit) $200.00
36 940924 MallinCam SkyRaider-AG Auto Guider  $235.28

Posted by Jeremy Sep.27.2015

Prize Pick-Up Dates

July 17th, 2015


There will be three pick-up days scheduled over the next two months

and you may elect to claim your prize(s) at any one of these:

1.    July 19th -  At the Hamilton Centre Observatory from 3:00PM to 6:00PM

2.    July 26th -  At the Hamilton Centre Observatory from 3:00PM to 6:00PM

3.    September 3rd - At the Sept. Meeting of the Hamilton Centre RASC - Waterdown @ 8:00PM


The Hamilton Centre Observatory is located at:

576 Concession Road 7 East

Flamborough, ON (see map below)

N43° 23’ 27” W79° 55’ 20”



RASC, Hamilton Centre meetings are held at the Royal Canadian Legion in Waterdown:

Royal Canadian Legion

79 Hamilton St N

Waterdown, ON L0R 2H0




AstroCATS Winners!
If you have not already done so, check your ticket against the winning numbers posted and please send an email to David Surette stating your winning number(s) along with your full name.

Posted by Jeremy Jul.17.2015

Thanks to everyone for making AstroCATS 2015 a success!

June 30th, 2015

AstroCATS 2015 is now officially over, but it would not have been possible without the joint efforts of so many; therefore…

Thank you to our Exhibitors for their support, without which AstroCATS could not exist!

A special thank you to our Sponsors for their generosity and support this year. They never cease to amaze and this year was no exception!

Thank you to the volunteers who gave of their time and skills to help AstroCATS run smoothly and efficiently!

Thank you to the London Centre RASC for their input during committee meetings!

Thank you to the Ontario Science Centre for hosting our third annual Canadian Astronomy and Telescope Show!

... and Thank you to everyone who came out to the show!

We hope to see you all in 2016!

The 2015 AstroCATS Committee, in conjunction with the Hamilton Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.

Posted by Jeremy Jun.30.2015

Prize Winners List Now Online!

June 30th, 2015

Our sponsors did it again, offering up a fantastic array of incredible prizes and some lucky people got to take home their winnings.  If you were unable to be there when the prizes were drawn, fear not, the list of winners has now been posted.  You can find the list here.

If you are one of the lucky winners, you must send an email to Dave Surette with your Full Name and contact information.  We will be posting the information you need to claim your prize in the next week - stay tuned!

Thank you to everyone for participating in our auctions and raffles!

Posted by Jeremy Jun.30.2015

Hot off the Press! Keynote Details

June 22nd, 2015

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Al Nagler of Tele Vue Optics as our Keynote Speaker at this year's AstroCats.  A true pillar of the Astronomy community, Al has helped revolutionize the world of eyepieces and telescope optics.  His topic is The History of the Nagler Eyepiece and the Evolution of Eyepiece Designs at Tele Vue Optics

Here's a small excerpt from his biography:

"I am pushing 60 now, and still love telescopes as both hobby and business. I have worked on eyepieces, telescopes and viewing devices with two major goals: to make astronomy as easy and versatile as possible to encourage, rather than discourage, newcomers, and secondly, to provide a visual experience as close to a "spacewalk" as possible by obtaining the widest, sharpest, highest contrast views. I am deeply gratified that my work has enhanced the pleasure and growth of the hobby. I think amateur astronomy is the best hobby in the universe."

You can find more information on our Seminars page or by clicking here.

Posted by Jeremy Jun.22.2015

Under One Week Until AstroCATS 2015

June 20th, 2015

There is less than one week left until AstroCATS 2015!  We're really looking forward to the show and we hope you are too!

Online ticket sales are open until 11:59pm on June 24th - if you haven't bought your tickets yet, you only have a few days left to get a Free Raffle Ticket (available to on-line ticket buyers only).  Remember, your admission ticket is also a ballot for the door prize. If you have any young, aspiring astronomers in your life, children 16 and under get in to the show for free!  Also, when you purchase a ticket for AstroCATS, you are entitled to a 20% discount to admission to the Ontario Science Centre!

PARKING:  If you are driving to the Ontario Science Centre, if you mention that you are attending AstroCATS, your parking will be only $5.00!!!

Special "Build A Telescope Youth Program": 
We are still accepting applications for the Telescope Building Seminar with Stargazer Steve - you can find more information here.  This is a great seminar providing a hands-on demonstration of how-to build a telescope, a perfect activity for any youngsters who have an interest in astronomy.  Participants will not only get to build a telescope but will get a free AstroCATS t-shirt and have a chance to take the telescope they built themselves home at the end of the weekend.  There are only limited spots available so register now!

Posted by Jeremy Jun.20.2015

AstroCATS Seminar Schedule Released

May 28th, 2015

We have just released the schedule for our speakers and seminars.  Here it is! 

AstroCATS    Speaker    Schedule    2015
Saturday June 27
Time: Room 1 Room 2
  For the Whole Family Advanced Amateur & Astrophotography
10:30 - 11:30 Keynote Speaker  Al Nagler No Speaker
11:40 - 12:40 Ron Brecher Telescopes, Time Machines and Treasures of the Night Sky Paul Mortfield Hunting Exoplanets From Your Backyard
12:50 - 1:50 Chris Vaughan Worlds to Discover - Exploring Dwarf Planets, Might Moons, and the Solar System Dr. Paul Delaney Update on Recent Exoplanet research
2:00 - 3:00 Randy Atwood A Status Report on Space Exploration Ron Brecher History of Astronomical Imaging
Sunday June 28
Time: Room 1 Room 2
  For the Whole Family Advanced Amateur & Astrophotography
10:30 - 11:30  Dr. Chris Talpas A History of the Telescope from Galileo to Modern Day Bob Sandness The Evolution of Astronomy Imaging Software
11:45 - 12:30 Ted Rudyk Objects in the Kuiper Belt - Dwarf Planet Pluto No Speaker
12:50 - 1:50 Rachael Ward A Star is Born! - Uncovering the True nature of Molecular Clouds Jim Thompson Understanding Astronomical Filters

You can also download a PDF copy here.

We are also pleased to welcome new exhibitors and sponsors!

Posted by Jeremy May.28.2015

AstroCATS Tickets Now Available Online and New Seminar Details

May 3rd, 2015

Tickets for the AstroCATS 2015 show are now available online. Please click on our 'Tickets' link above or click here.

We have also updated our Seminar list with some great speakers.  We have divided up the talks in to three catagories:

* Seminars For The Whole Family
* Seminars For The Advanced Amateur Astronomer
* Seminars For Astrophotographers

NEW>> Youth Program - Build a Telescope - Hands-On Workshop!

Youths aged 13 to 18 will have a chance to participate in building a real telescope on Saturday and Sunday.  One of the lucky participants will even get to keep the finished product!  For more details, click here!

Posted by Jeremy May.3.2015

AstroCATS on YouTube

April 8th, 2015

The 2014 AstroCATS show was a giant success, as seen in this short video. This year's show will be even better!!!

Posted by Jeremy Apr.8.2015

AstroCATS 2015 is Coming Together

March 28th, 2015

What is the Canadian Astronomy Telescope Show?

It's just like an auto/boat/outdoor/cottage show, only with astronomy gadgets that will leave you drooling. Some exhibitors will be showcasing brand new products, others will offer a retail purchase opportunity. Some visitors will see this as an excellent opportunity to plan their next investment in new equipment. A trade show is where you get to see the "real thing" and kick a few tires (gently please!). And no trade show would be complete without fabulous door and raffle prizes!

If you are ready to buy new astronomy gear there will be approx. $ 250K+++ of merchandise available for purchase at the show. Everything from telescopes, mounts, CCD cameras, focusers, and more. There is something for everyone...entry level to high-end professional grade equipment will be on display. And there is sure to be a few "new product unveilings" at the show.
For Beginners AND Experienced Astronomers - There is something for everyone!

There will even be a seminar on how to make your own telescope!

We will have a full slate of seminars again this year! Whether you are a "newbie" looking for tips on your first telescope
purchase, an experienced astronomer, or astrophotographer, there are several seminars that offer the opportunity to learn and be entertained.


Door Prizes, Raffle Prizes, and Silent Auction:

Our Sponsors have been generous! There will be thousands of dollars worth of fabulous door prizes and raffle prizes
(last year we gave away over $ 15,000 in prizes). Every visitor will receive a door prize ballot and you can increase your odds of winning a fabulous prize by purchasing a Raffle Ticket ($2 or 3 for $5).

Silent Auction:

We will be hand selecting prizes donated by our generous Sponsors to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. This is a great
opportunity to walk away with some really terrific merchandise at a bargain price! Proceeds are used to fund public outreach programs so it is a win/win for everyone!

A Great Day For Families!

This is a great way to introduce the whole family to a fun, educational, and wholesome hobby. We have special seminars devoted to beginners.  For example, "Family Observing" and "Choosing Your First Telescope". The Keynote Speakers will enjoy seeing young people in the audience!

Posted by Jeremy Mar.28.2015

More Vendors for AstroCATS 2015

January 21st, 2015

We are pleased to announce more vendors for AstroCATS 2015

Welcome to both Mallincam and Celestron!  We're very happy to have you both back again for another year!


 Mallincam Video Astronomy   Celestron

Posted by Jeremy Jan.21.2015

First Vendors for AstroCATS 2015

January 1st, 2015

We are pleased to announce our first two vendors for AstroCATS 2015

Welcome to both Explore Scientific and Camera Concepts & Telescope Solutions!

 Camera Concepts & Telescope Solutions

Posted by Jeremy Jan.1.2015


AstroCATS 2015 Location Confirmed

January 1st, 2015

We have confirmed the location of the 3rd Annual AstroCATS tradeshow and are happy to announce that it will be taking place at the Ontario Science Centre on Saturday, June 27th and Sunday, June 28th.

We are excited to be working with the Ontario Science Centre to host Canada's only Astronomy Trade Show. We hope to have plenty of returning visitors as well as many new faces for the Trade Show.

Posted by Jeremy Jan.1.2015