Welcome to AstroCATS 2016


AstroCATS is a 2-day event featuring the largest commercial display and sale of telescopes and related astronomical products held in Canada. The show takes place May 21 and 22 in London Ontario at the same time as the RASC General Assembly (GA).

The GA is a gathering of professional and amateur astronomers from across Canada, who come together to learn and share. The
joining of these two events provides attendees and astronomy related vendors an opportunity to experience both events at one time. The GA’s many excellent speakers Bill Nye , displays Mars RoverAvro Arrow and AstroCATS many vendors will make for an outstanding show for 2016. Excellent accommodations, door prizes.


2016 also will see the launch of Canadian Astro Photography Schools (CAPS), a two day Astrophotography school. The school takes place on May 19 and 20, just prior to AstroCATS. Canada’s first Astrophotography school featuring world class award winning instructors, Chris Go, Ken Crawford, Warren Keller, Doug George, Richard Wright, and Ron Brecher.

Be sure to buy your tickets early, and join us for what may be the best Canadian Astronomy show ever.



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